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Laser Tag at Skateland Arena

Come play an exciting game of laser tag! Our game allows players to blast beams of light at the other team, all while avoiding getting blasted themselves. Fun can be had here while hiding behind obstacles and blasting your way to victory. Have a blast with your friends with a fast-paced game of laser tag! Laser tag is a fun game in which you split into teams and hide behind barricades and try to blast the opposing team! You are armed with a phaser which blasts a beam of light that will score points for your team. Points are earned from blasting the opposing team members or the target pods in the center or the arena. Laser tag is not the only activity that we offer.

  • Before your game, we arm you with a phaser and battery pack that allows you to blast beams of light at your opponents
  • This game is team based, you can pair up with your friends and play against someone new, or you can choose to play against your friends too!
  • You can score points for your team by blasting your opponents with your phaser's beam, or by blasting the target pods in the center of the arena!
  • If you get tagged by the opposing team, then your phaser gets disabled and you must go to one of your team's energy pod and recharge to jump back into the game!
About the Game
•Laser Tag is a game that is fun for all ages!
•There are two teams competing for the highest score! (min. of one person per team. "The more, the merrier" of course!)
•Each player gets a phaser, headset and power pack.
•You earn points by tagging the opposing team with a beam of light
•Dodge and hide behind barriers and obstacles to avoid the other team's phasers!
•The other team scores if they tag you!
•If you get tagged, you return to the "Energy Pod" to charge back up and return to the battle!
•The team with the most points wins!
•Each game lasts 10 minutes!
$4 per person (10 minute game)
$10 per person for a wristband (3 games)

About Skateland of Mt Morris

Skateland has been entertaining families in the Genesee County area since 1961. Family owned and operated for over 55 year we have become the place to be in Mt Morris. Laser Tag, Arcade, Roller Hockey Arena, Full Concessions, Volleyball Club and so much more.
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